Due Archi

Professional String Duo

What is Due Archi?

Due Archi is a professional string duo based in Jersey, Channel Islands.  The name "Due Archi" is Italian for "two bows", which is exactly what we use to play with.  A string duo sounds similar to a string quartet, but only has two players and is consequently much better suited for either smaller budgets or smaller spaces!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a string duo?

A string duo is any combination of two orchestral stringed instruments (violin/viola/cello).  Provided the arrangements they play are good, a duo will sound as good as the more traditional quartet - at a fraction of the cost because there are only two players.

What instruments do you play?

Veronika plays violin.  Julie plays either violin/viola or cello depending on the pieces we are asked to play.  Our repertoire for violin and cello is more limited than our repertoire for two violins.  See our repertoire page.

Do you only play classical music?

In short, no.  Although we market ourselves as classical musicians, we also play arrangements of modern songs and folk music from around the world.  We can usually accommodate specific requests provided we are given sufficient notice - reserving the right to charge an additional fee if we need to purchase or write a new arrangement.

What if I want a solo violin?

Due Archi are happy to provide solo violin music with live piano accompaniment (Julie also plays piano) or with pre-recorded backing track.  Please contact us to confirm fees.  The soloist with backing track may also be offered if we are not both available to play on a specific date, or if we have two requests for the same day.

How much do you charge?

Please see our Rate Card for information about this.  Bookings (for two players) start at £240 for one hour. We require a 25% deposit to confirm your booking.

What music do you play?

Please see our Repertoire list. We have a wide mixture of pieces.  Coming soon - audio samples.

Can you play [insert name of piece/hum song]?

We can do special requests not on our repertoire list; however an extra fee is charged for this service because of the time needed to arrange and rehearse your favourite song.  This fee is payable in advance, before we sit down and arrange the piece.

Do you use amplification?
For most indoor venues our instruments project enough sound that amplification is not necessary.  For large and noisy venues, or outdoor events, where you wish our playing to be more than pleasant background music, we have good quality instrument mics but do not currently own our own PA system.  If your venue has a PA system we will happily plug in.

What do you wear?

That depends on the event - if you have a specific request, such as "please don't wear black" then let us know.  For a wedding, we would usually be more formally attired than for a barn dance!